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  • Plus Beaux Villages de France Les Plus Beaux Villages de France
    If you want to learn something special about France, if you are eager to experience all the beauty of the French countryside, to encounter history, to learn culture and traditions, to keep in touch with the locals, choose the time to visit numerous French villages...

  • Car Rental in Denmark Discover Denmark in a Rental Car
    Should Denmark be characterized by one word and one word alone, that would be, undoubtedly, diversity. Aside from being the oldest of the Scandinavian countries and the birthplace of Vikings, this small conglomerate of islands shelters a variety like no other, from cultural habits to the striking architecture and – for a foreigner – the seemingly impossible language...

    • Car Rental in Advance How Far in Advance to Rent a Car?
      How far in advance to rent a car? Many tourists wonder how far in advance they should make a car reservation. The winter is over, holidays are near, and this question is now again popular. The answer will actually depend on travel dates, destinations, and other factors. But it's hard to divide the year just into two seasons...

      • Best Offers for December 2014
        There are plenty of destinations where you can rent a car and save a lot. Below you will find top cities where you can save on your next car rental in December, 2014...

      • Road View What to Bring on a Road Trip
        To enjoy your trip in your rental car in the best possible way, take your favorite CDs, good camera and best friends. Even experienced travelers who often rented a car sometimes forget some essentials that may be taken on a road trip. Here is our short list of the most important things...

      • Road View 5 Reasons to Travel by Car in Europe
        Europe is a great destination with lots of places of interest and historic sites. To get as much as you can from your vacation in Europe you need good transportation. Fortunately, roads in Europe are of great quality and driving there is easy and safe...

      • Car Deals Autumn Best Value Destinations
        This post covers Best Value Destinations for Autumn, 2014. At the end of the year some of our partners try to attract more customers to special destinations. Our research shows that you can save from 10 to 20 per cent if you book a rental car in Holland, Israel, Slovakia, Turkey and Switzerland...

      • By Rental Car Travel by Rental Car
        Traveling by rental car you can go at your own pace, see places of interest of your choice. You can easily change driving directions or refuse visiting something at the last minute. Also, you can make as many stops as you wish on your way and spend as much time as you want in every place you visit...

      • Driving in Foreign Country Driving in Foreign Countries
        Driving abroad may seem pretty difficult for those who never drove in foreign countries. However, it's usually as easy as driving in your home country. If you can drive, you can drive everywhere. But you should learn basic rules of driving in a country where you are planning to hire a car...

      • Travel Blog Welcome to Our Blog
        Do you love travelling and getting to know new cultures and ways of life? Do you love saving money on your vacations, hotels, rental cars? So do we! We have just started our blog and welcome any interesting travel stories and travel tips. We will be pleased to publish articles you want to share...

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