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Sometimes it’s quite difficult to choose a rental car that you really need for your family vacation or business trip. Car suppliers usually offer a wide range of vehicles but car classes can be different in different companies. Some companies don’t even have categories that you can come upon when you search for rental cars with other providers. All this doesn’t mean that rental companies want to puzzle customers. They just have their own selection of cars with regards to car makes and models and customer preferences in various destinations.

Despite the fact that each rental company can have their own categories, there are car classes and types of cars that are very close to each other.

If you are looking for the most fuel efficient cars, consider such cars as mini, compact or economy rental cars. These classes are great because they allow us to save tons of money on our car rentals.

The next group is the intermediate size rental car. We can also include such classes as standard or midsize in this group. As a rule, this class of vehicle fits 5 persons and has room for the same amount of luggage as the compact car. Standard cars are usually smaller than full size vehicles but can be an ideal solution for most families.

Full size cars are great family cars that provide more room for luggage and passengers. This class of vehicle will fit 5 individuals and 2 large suitcases without any trouble.

If you are looking for a special rental car, search for such car classes as premium or luxury. You will impress everyone if you rent one of the most comfortable and modern vehicles available in the market. Luxury rental cars are usually most expensive, but there are always moments in life when we need something more than average, something of high end quality.

Auto Hire Online will try to get you a rental car of your choice. We offer a wealth of car classes, from compact and economy to full size and luxury. Whatever car class you choose, your rental car will be cheaper if you book online with us. Compare car rental prices right now and save tons of money booking your next rental car in advance.

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